Circumnavigation Spitsbergen
Personal Logfile
26. July 2007
We already spent one day before in Lonyear, when we embarked MS Multanowski, which was riding at anchor in the bay. We were some of the first travellers, so we got some special instructions by our guides Martin, Lisa and Oskar.
Looked for our cabins and luggage and after that all together safety instructions for the emergency case.
Multanowski lifted anchor and at once headed out for Ny Ålesund.
27. July 2007
Our first "dry" landing by Zodiac at the pier of Ny Ålesund. For me the third time up here. Interesting News: Polar Foxes around in the village. Spent an hour with the foxes, thereafter walking around to the ponds with arctic terns geese.
27. July 2007 afternoon
Wet landing at 14 th July Breen. Really good and long stroll along the beach with various possibilities to take photos of plants, ice and flowers. During the way "home" to the ship, long Zodiac-Cruise with fantastic opportunities for pictures of seals. During the night heading for Virgohamna.
28. July 2007
Early in the morning, we had breakfast, to take an early landing at Virgohamna. Fine weather accompanied us, when looking for the remains at this area. On Multanowski again, we headed around for our next landing at Reinsdyrfla from Liefdefjord side. While Zodiac-cruising, we happened to see our first Polarbear.
29. July 2007
During the night, we headed north, passed Moffen island at 80° north, towards Sjuøyane. At approximately 9 o´clock, Polarbaer #2. An amazingly contact. Polarbaer eating on seal!  For 1 and a half our watching this amazing scene. When quite clear, that this ice-belt could not be crossed, turning and try to pass through Hinlopen Street. At Lagøya wet landing, walking to walross colony, spotting Sabine-Gull and when polarbear spotted, getting in the Zodiacs for cruising.
30. July 2007
The bird-cliff of the 100.000 birds, or more. Alkefjellet! Cruising by Zodiaics we are close to these birds. Back on Multanawski again, we happened to see two Polarbears on an ice-shelf. Lateron, spotted 3 Finnwhales, but not very good to be seen.
31. July 2007
Stormy way to Halvmåneøya. Wet Landing close to a trappers cabin. Looking around to some old remains. Red throated divers on their nest nearby. Some Walrosses on the way back. Cold! Fog and difficult navigation home to Multanowski.
1. August 2007
Way through 1000 Islands to Zieglerøya and Russebukta. Walrosses close to the Zodiac. Girls almost frightened. Lot of fun!
2. August 2007
Long way with sometimes rough sea to Hornsund. Fewer people seasick than some days before. Cruising to several places in Hornsund. Several very nice shots of blue glacier ice. For dinner: BBQ outside. Real highlight! But suddenly: 3 Polarbears on the beach. Everyone would like to get in the Zodiac to get nearer to them. But there was the kitchen crew, that was doing a great job to prepare for BBQ. Finally I spoke to Martin: There are some travellers on the front deck gathering together, mutiny could happen! Martin came round and did everything he could, to convince the captain. Succesful! When back again, I went to captain, to thank him. Thereafter great party outside! "Glühwein in Summer " was the name for it, that Charly found.
3. August 2007
Almost cruising in Hornsund, spec. Burgerbukta. Wet landing at Gnalodden, looking at the remains of the pomors and a nice trappers cabin. Been here before on first trip in 2000. Always the same: Order to gather at the Zodiacs to get back, then it gets interesting! Polarfoxes! Let´s try, how much time we can steal away. Several very nice situations with the foxes.
4. August 2007
Way to van Keulen Fjord. During the night some nice light situations. Weather gets better. Polarbear on the beach, no chance to land. Way to Isfjord. Landing at Flytangen/Alkhornet. Very nice area with lots of Reindeers. All of us fee, the journey will come to an end. The nearer we come to Longyearbyen the better gets the weather. Last dinner and early morning time to say goodbye. Some strolling around in Longyear, then way back to Tromsø. Looking forward, to spend four days in Tromsø.
See you, next time at Svalbard!